Tony McDonald Studio

Flayed Beasts

A few years back I found myself looking for that one iconic image that could best represent the attitude and culture of the American South. While at a friend's home, I stumbled upon album after albm of photos documenting his family and their relationship with deer hunting.


The images of his family posing with the harvest of the hunt stuck with me and in doing some research I realized that the flayed beast also has a strong representation in art history, from Rembrandt to Chiam Soutine to Francis Bacon.


The image also has its religious connotations, as you cannot distance the cruixifition from the image of the hanging and skinned animal.


Over time I have visited this strong image and the connotations it brings to the viewer in watercolor, acrylic and collage.

"There are some things in painting which cannot be explained, and that something is essential."

                                                         Pierre Auguste Renoir

A DOE, A DEER 30x36 Group Ascension Shadow Dance 4x6 in Hanging at Dawn 4x6 in The Symbiotic 4x6 in The Dreaming 7x9 in Initiation 36x48 Bill & the Spirits of New Mex